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What are so good about Poached Egg to health?

Eggs are important to have as part of a breakfast meal but if you have been eating scrambled eggs for years, now is a good time to change it up. Poaching eggs is a great way to make the perfect egg that has a much lighter taste than other cooking methods. And health-wise, poached eggs are superior over other cooking methods and can be easily done with a poached egg maker.

Avoid Excess Calories and Fat

One of the biggest benefits of poaching your eggs is that you’ll cook them directly in water, with no added fat required. While fat is a healthy part of your diet, cooking your food in it also packs in the calories – just a tablespoon of butter has 100 calories, for example.

With simple poached eggs, you get to enjoy a small snack for very little calories. You can completely avoid using butter as well, which is a negative calorie food, so if you switch from scrambled eggs with butter five days a week to poached eggs for breakfast every day, you’ll lose about 500 calories over the course of a year.

High in Protein

The nutritional value of the protein in your eggs makes for an excellent breakfast. Eating poached eggs means you get 12 grams of high-quality protein, which supports muscle tissue, nourishes your skin, hair, and bones, and also keeps your immune system revving to fight infection.

A Source of Micronutrients

By starting your day with poached eggs you are able to fulfill both your vitamin A and zinc needs. Poached eggs contain between 540 international units of vitamin A and 1.3 milligrams of zinc, providing up to 23 percent of what a person needs in a day and 12-16% of their required daily zinc intake. At the same time, they provide up to 540 international units of vitamin A which is important for protecting your immune system. And they also provide small amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamin E.

Light food that is easy on the stomach

With only minimal cooking and no extra ingredients, poached eggs are super light and easy on the stomach. They are a perfect food for gastritis as well as stomach ulcers and acid reflux, conditions that don’t do well with heavy foods.

Helps you lose weight

Are poached eggs good for weight loss? We know the answer is “Yes!” Why are poached eggs good for weight loss? They are fairly low in calories, only about 143 kcal per 100 grams. And because they are cooked in water, no fat has been added to your meal either. Poached eggs are also high-protein and high-fat, which can help keep you satisfied for a few hours.

Protein helps you curb hunger so you don’t eat too much, preventing binge eating. Protein is especially important for weight loss because it is the raw material for muscle growth – muscle burns 100 calories per pound a day and helps you lose weight more quickly. You can make a satisfying and tasty meal by poaching eggs as part of your reduced-calorie diet plan.

Satiating and energizing food

Eggs that are poached use their high fat and protein to satiate hunger and keep you full for hours without the calories. Rich in vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins and iron, eggs help maintain energy levels for vitality.

Good food to eat pre and post workout

Pre and post workout, poached eggs are an excellent food to eat. It digests easily, doesn’t cause reflux, and satiates the body; all these make exercise more tolerable, which aids in stimulating fitness.

Good for achieving blood sugar control

If your blood sugar is often elevated and you are looking for foods to help control it, poached eggs are a food that will assist you. Poached eggs are high protein, and fat foods with almost no carbohydrates, which means they can be eaten without affecting blood sugar levels too much. In addition to not increasing the effects on your blood sugar levels, when paired together with other low glycemic foods (high GI), poached eggs also decrease the impact of those foods on blood glucose.

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